12 persons in gray

“12 persons in gray” is a collection of 12 sculptures, 12 prosopa. They are worked in latypes of the famous Parian Stone, like the previous “Aliktypa persons” and with the same tools used by the Ancient Greek sculptors. However, the latypes, used for this collection are grey.  The hundreds or even thousands of years, that these latypes were left on the surface of the Parian Earth, exposed to variability of weather, have covered the great whiteness and transparency of the ancient Parian marble with a layer of gray algi, a sign of antiquity.

It was a fascinating process, to remove that “ancient rust” with my chisel, and to do to emerge, through the grey, the faces of this collection.  That’s why the name “12 persons in gray”.

The names of the sculptures of this cycle, refer to persons from the poetry of the Alexandrian poet K.P. Cavafy

Simos Varrias created the photos of the 12 sculptures.

Aristides Varrias