Alictypa Songs

“Alictypa Songs” is a new cycle of sculptures, which, like the previous 15 sculptures of the cycle Ryades, ‘dance’ with the rhythm of Elytis poetry and are sculpted on small or bigger opal pebbles.

Opal, the semiprecious stone with the charming texture and its milky and altering iridizations, is not considered as a proper element for sculpture. The sculptor, usually, seeks for an ‘obedient’ and transformable element, like the marble, in order to work on it and materialize the image he has in mind.

On the contrary Opal is a tough and moody element. That is why, the dialogue with it, is ‘merciless’ as well as exciting. Opal uses its toughness in order to impose on you the demanding respect. In every violation of this agreement the result is a broken chisel. Opal becomes more negotiative and more condescending only across its ‘nerves’, there, where aeons of sun and salt have taught him humility. Onto these lines we have discovered a way of mutual communication. There, the shiny and solid surface as crystal, which reminds of crafted ivory, looks like melting and revealing light and dancing figures.

The names of the sculptures of the cycle ‘Songs’, are inspired from lyrics of O. Elytis superb poetry.

Aristides Varrias