2006, Poster of Pegylides and Ryades at the Homerion of Chios

The Homerion Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Chios, and along with the “Theodorakia 2006” (the dedicated to the grate musician Mikis Theodorakis cultural events) organizes a sculpture exhibition of Aristides Varrias.

Varrias will exhibit his 24 new sculptures, inspired by Greek poetry. The first 12 are ‘prosopa’ sculpted on latypes of the famous Parian Marble. They are inspired by Kavafi’s poetry and consist of the collection “Pegylides”. The other 12 consists of the collection “Ryades”. They are abstract figures, inspired by Elytis’ poetry and sculpted on Opal.

The opening of the exhibition was on the evening of July 28th. The exhibition was daily on and lasted until Saturday, August 12th.

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